Presentation of CALEDONIA

Our project

Generalist TV channel, CALEDONIA favours information and culture, through a newscast, magazines, documentaries, conferences, shows and musical programs.

CALEDONIA as a citizen’s tool addresses to all New Caledonians, whatever their ages, geographical positions or opinions. The channel ensures a presence on the whole territory. It values social links, otherness, mutual understanding, to prove itself worthy of its motto : “ the tv that brings us together”

Proximity TV channel, CALEDONIA remains alert for what happens outside the country and particularly in the neighborhood of the Pacific.

Mirror of the reality - opened window to the world, CALEDONIA is up to meet the numerous challenges that New Caledonia is facing. On the long run its ambition is to become a reference TV in the Pacific.

Our history

In 2010, the “Société de Télévision Radio” (STR) is created by the Northern Province who wants to create a citizen media for all inhabitants of New Caledonia

NCTV channel comes to life after the broadcasting licence is given by the “Conseil Supérieur de l’audiovisuel” (audiovisual national council) in 2013.

An editorial and managerial refocus is operated in 2016 with many local programs, live newscast, talk-shows, soccer matches, etc…. On the technical side broadcasting and programing are relocated in New Caledonia.

In 2017, the TV channel is renamed CALEDONIA and settles in new studios in Koné. It has a large office in Nouméa, and establishes journalists in the greater north, on the west coast, in the center and on the Loyalty Islands.

In 2018, the channel covers the first self-determination referendum with more than six hours of live TV.

In 2019, Southern and Loyalty Islands provinces take shares in the Channel.

In 2020, CALEDONIA is headed by a Caledonian duo. Watched by more by 27 800 Caledonians per day (audience share: 5.8%), its audience is growing every year.

The opening to the Pacific

  • August 2016 : agreement signed with VBTC, Vanuatu’s public TV channel and broadcasting of CALEDONIA in Vanuatu’s digital terrestrial television package.
  • February 2017 : agreement signed with TNTV, leading channel in French Polynesia. Programs and reports are shared each year.
  • June 2017 : CALEDONIA joins the Pasifika TV network. The channel has access to New Zealand produced contents. Subtitled contents are broadcasted on CALEDONIA, particularly in the Pacific newscast, every Friday at 6 PM. CALEDONIA is the first French speaking TV to join this network that brings together other Pacific TV channels as Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fidji, Nauru.
  • January 2018 : Meeting with the Australian TV channel NITV, evolving in the SBS group, aiming to share contents and personnel.
  • 2020 : CALEDONIA broadcasts major cultural and sports events form French Polynesia via our partner TNTV