Presentation of CALEDONIA



Generalist channel, Caledonia places a strong emphasis on news and culture, offering a television news program, thematic magazines, documentaries, conferences, performances, and music programs.

As a civic tool, Caledonia caters to all New Caledonians, regardless of their age, province, origin, or opinion.

A reflection of reality, an open window to the world, Caledonia aims to rise to the numerous challenges facing New Caledonia.

In the long term, its ambition is to become a leading television network in the Pacific.

The channel ensures a presence throughout New Caledonia.

It promotes social connection, diversity, and understanding to live up to its slogan: «the television that brings us closer».

It appeals to the intelligence of the viewer. As a local channel, Caledonia nevertheless remains attentive to everything happening beyond New Caledonia, especially among its Pacific neighbors.




Caledonia is a citizen-focused channel. It is primarily funded by public funds, so it belongs to you. Every day, we ensure that each of you feels acknowledged in your reality. We give voice as widely as possible, with particular attention to ordinary citizens. We cover topics that concern you, answer the questions you have, and showcase solutions for a better life. Caledonia was born from the will of the elected officials of the North Province, yet we remain entirely free in our choices. The reliability of our information, respect for pluralism, and our independence from any form of external pressure are ongoing concerns. Caledonia adheres to the Munich Charter, which defines the duties and rights of journalists and provides an ethical framework for the profession.


Caledonia is a constructive channel. Like the traditional gathering place (la case), we aim to be a hub for exchange. We are committed to showcasing people, their initiatives, and their commitments. We prioritize topics that promote respect for men, women, children, and all living beings on our beautiful planet. We seek to strengthen democracy. Our slogan, ‘The television that brings us closer,’ reflects who we are: bridges between people, communities, and opinions, with the aim of contributing to the construction of the country’s identity in the context of decolonization. We pledge to carry out our missions with humility. To maintain your trust, it is our duty to correct our mistakes and continuously improve.


Caledonia aims to showcase real life. We are committed to innovation in order to offer our unique way of telling the story of our country. In the spirit of the Ânûû-rû Âboro festival, we seek to document daily life rather than comment on it. We believe that depth and complexity still have a place on television. We reject sensationalism. We do not claim to bring you the absolute truth. We humbly believe that our images and perspective can assist you in forming a personal opinion and getting involved.


Caledonia is a window to the world. We live here and are here to listen to you. While we focus on New Caledonian news, we also report on what’s happening with our brothers and sisters in the Pacific region, especially in the South Pacific. Furthermore, we remain attentive to global events, providing context to understand the potential repercussions of certain events here in New Caledonia.




General Manager

Pierre Welepa


Director of programs and productions

Mara Lurde








In 2010, the “Société de Télévision Radio” (STR) is created by the Northern Province who wants to create a citizen media for all inhabitants of New-Caledonia

NCTV channel comes to life after the broadcasting licence is given by the “Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel” (audiovisual national council) in 2013.

An editorial and managerial refocus is operated in 2016 with many local programs, live newscast, talk-shows, soccer matches, etc…. On the technical side broadcasting and programing are relocated in New Caledonia.

In 2017, the TV channel is renamed CALEDONIA and settles in new studios in Koné. It has a large office in Nouméa, and establishes journalists in the greater north, on the west coast, in the center and on the Loyalty Islands.

In 2018, the channel covers the first self-determination referendum with more than six hours of live TV.

In 2019, Southern and Loyalty Islands provinces take shares in the channel.

In 2020, CALEDONIA is headed by a Caledonian duo.

Caledonia in numbers ©Caledonia



    Supported by the Northern Province and the Islands Province, Caledonia forges connections between communities and actively contributes to the emergence of a shared destiny.

    Thanks to their five offices located across the territory (Koumac, Koné, Poindimié, Canala, and Nouméa, Maré, Lifou), Caledonia’s teams are at the heart of the news and close to the people of New Caledonia.


    A brief history of our partnerships in the Pacific area
    • August 2016 : agreement signed with VBTC, Vanuatu’s public TV channel and broadcasting of CALEDONIA in Vanuatu’s digital terrestrial television package.
    • February 2017 : agreement signed with TNTV, leading channel in French Polynesia. Programs and reports are shared each year.
    • June 2017 : CALEDONIA joins the Pasifika TV network. The channel has access to New Zealand produced contents. Subtitled contents are broadcasted on CALEDONIA, particularly in the Pacific newscast, every Saturday at 6 PM. CALEDONIA is the first French speaking TV to join this network that brings together other Pacific TV channels as Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fidji, Nauru.
    • January 2018 : Meeting with the Australian TV channel NITV, evolving in the SBS group, aiming to share contents and personnel.
    • 2020 : CALEDONIA broadcasts major cultural and sports events from French Polynesia via our partner TNTV, Tahiti Nui Télévision.